Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hello from November

I'm Helen Lay and I'm going to be doing the November block - which is appropriate as I turn 30 on 2nd November.

After growing up in Portsmouth on the south coast I came to North Yorkshire to study at The University of York 11 years ago and I've never left! I currently work there as an Admissions Officer and have just moved house and now live in York again, just up the road from work. Nick and I met at University and have been married for over 6 years now.

This photo is 3 years old - I struggled to find a more modern one at the moment with everything packed up.

I've always liked doing a variety of crafts, I did cross stitch for years and have sewn clothes and other things on and off as well as doing papercrafts. Last year thanks to twitter I discovered all the lovely fabrics you can now buy, got myself a new machine, took a few sewing workshops and since have been making making all sorts of things, dabbling in machine appliqué and have had my first attempts at hand and machine patchwork - was waiting until I'd moved to have a go at quilting these so once my new sewing area is set up I'll get going with this.

Anna persuaded me on twitter that it would be good for me to get involved with the Bee and I'm really looking forward to getting lots of practice at making different blocks and getting to know you all.

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