Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Springing into May

This morning Emma is leading the bee and we are making X and + blocks with some fabulous Anna Maria Horner Field Study fabric.

All seams are to be pressed open, 1/4" seams and no need to trim block before returning. Shot cotton to be used on corners of X's and the ends of the pluses will sent a strip.

Here is a placement guide:

There is a wonderful tutorial at Bad Skirt for making up the block! 

Note: since the blocks have been cut at 5.5x6.5 might be worth picking out fabric for centre plus first.

Looks like loads of fun!

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Our block for April is here!

The April block is from the wonderful Gina!

The block is called Arkansas Crossroad:

Gina is really excited about getting all the blocks back. Here is the site for one example of directions


Hope this looks like fun - sorry for posting so late, so many things to get done last week!