Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Designing September's Block

I know we are still in August - the sun is finally shining for more than 30 minutes in the UK - but we are running towards the start of September very fast!

September is going to be crazy for me - I have 3 new adult classes starting 4 after school clubs and 2 scout groups to run - so I thought I would design my block nice and early.

The block design was inspired by bookcases - I am a book worm and I have a huge passion for gorgeous books! I wanted to design a block that wouldn't scare the newbie quilters in the bee, but one that followed my inspiration of book cases.

Bookcases hold books of varying sizes and their spines face out to the world in a mosaic of colours.... prefect for patchwork.

At the Festival of Quilts I had a mission to buy the fabric for the bee. Initially I had thought I would use Kona solids for the book spine element of the blocks, but then I came across Tula Pink and her fabulous Prince Charming collection... I kinda fell in love!

After buying the Candy and Twilight packs I matched them with a grey back ground.

Today I complete the block, taking photos along the way for the instructions for the rest of the bee. This is how it came out:

The patchwork book spines are varying width and heights. Everyone in the bee will be sent a range of fabrics from Tula Pink's collection, but you will notice there is a Nel Whatmore Katherine's Wheel fabric in the too (6th fabric from the left).

This is my personal 'book' in the block. I am going to request that everyone in the bee add a 'book' from their fabric stash so I not only have blocks with different book heights, but also a 'book' that is special to them....

What do you think?


  1. I'm loving the idea of us all adding a different book to your shelf. I can't wait to get started. Quite intrigued as to how you will piece the blocks together. :)

  2. I wondered what the inspiration was when I saw the photo on twitter earlier and now I get it! It's great and a lovely idea to add our own fabrics :-)

  3. Great idea and it looks so good! Love the idea of a special 'book' from all of us.

  4. This looks lovely! Can't wait to get started :-)

  5. I love the idea to add a book from us. I already know what mine will be!

  6. So glad you all like the block!

    I am so looking forward to seeing the books you send me!

    Going to get cutting out the fabric packs this weekend



  7. I love this idea! I'm pretty sure I already know what my book will be too! So excited!

  8. I love this, and the idea of adding our own book is great, I'm going to have a rummage in my stash now to see what I can find for my book!