Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March block!

Hi all, things have got on top of me recently so sincere apologies about the delay in posting my block info, also the fabric was out in the post yesterday so Brits may have received it already and US ladies in a week or so!

So, in your package will be:

8 x solids/plain squares
1 x patterned/fussy cut square
Some scraps

The block I have chosen is a wonky star block!

I have included a small amount of scraps but was hoping you would all add a little of your own fabric scraps that co-ordinate too.

Last week my daughter Rosie turned one, seeing as we initially didn't know if she'd ever reach her first birthday I feel truly blessed, so this quilt will be her special birthday quilt! (To add to her increasing stash of quilts heh!)

I'm sure you probably all know how to make a wonky star block but here is a link


Block size will be 12" finished and all seams 1/4"

Now here's a cheeky request, if you have any spare fabric after completing the block I would love to receive a 6" finished star block of any design of your choice to work into my borders and pieced backing!

I hope I've covered everything! Please feel free to contact me on twitter, here or at kellyemowen@hotmail.com

Oh and here is my finished block!

Enjoy! Kellye xxx