Monday, 1 July 2013

July Block

You may need sunglasses for this block!

(Please use scant seams for this block!)

 I love the summer and these fabrics will remind me of summer days even if it is dull outside.

I love the look of string quilts and thought I would like to make my block a string one, but found this Tutorial from 2 more seconds and  this tutorial from Missouri Quilt Co (they explain it so much better than me) and loved them.
 I am a big fan of Amy Butler and I had a Soul Blossoms jelly roll, in bright colours, so decided to use this.  It's big and bright and I love how it looks together.

Sew 5  x 2.5" strips together in any order

Cut  into 2 squares measuring 10.5"

Lay them, right sides together, on top of each other, one with strips horizontal and one with strips vertical.

Stitch around all 4 sides leaving no gap.

Cut 2 diagonal lines from corner to corner to make 4 triangles, open and press.

Press and sew together the 4 squares to form a larger square.

Press and then attach 3.5" borders of solid white to all sides.

I can square off the blocks after you return them to me.

Ta dah!  You are finished.

I think it might be better to press seams open, I pressed to one side but some of the seams are a little bulky because of my pressing direction (possibly, I dont know!).

Hope you enjoy my July block.

Stephanie x

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  1. I've just received your fabric. I love Amy Butler! I've been meaning to try out this block too, can't wait! :)