Thursday, 13 June 2013

June: a garden quilt


Cut 4x 3.5" squares of fabric A (green centre squares)
Cut 8x 3.5" squares of fabric B ( blue with orange flowers) cut squares in half into triangles
Cut 4x(1.5 x5") in beige spotty
Cut 4x 1.5" squares in green spotty
Cut 4x(1.5 x5") in red spotty 


Sew 4 triangles of fabric B onto 1 square of fabric A, opposite triangles first

Square of into a 5" square

Repeat this 3 more times
Join 2 squares with a beige strip between and repeat
Sew a green square in between 2 beige rectangles
Sew all 3 rows together

Sew one of the red squares between 2 red strips and repeat adding a the last green square onto the end of one of these strips

Use these strips to make an L shape around the final block

Hope you enjoyed making this block, I have to say that I found it somewhere as a free pattern and lost the link so if anyone recognises it or finds the link please let me know and I will add it immediately.

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  1. Love it Suzi! Can't wait to get started!